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We hope you'll think of this online space as your favorite retreat center, coffee spot, bookclub, and cozy gathering place all in one. A place to meet, connect, explore, learn, share, get real, be real, and feel supported to live your life

with more ritual, magic, & soul.

Hi. I'm Juli.

Holding sacred space for and with other soulful women is one of the most important parts of my life.  


I have created this community to provide women who feel the call to connect and grow together with the tools and resources we all need to bring more ritual, magic, and soul into our daily lives.  

My vision is to bring women together and provide resources so we may all learn, teach,

and grow from sharing our experiences with one another through connection, sacred space,

and living into the cyclical nature of all things 


Together, we can raise the vibration of the collective whole and heal ourselves and our world.  

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Juli Ford

Juli is a Health Coach, a Writer, and a Realtor who specializes in helping women align their homes with their souls and their desires.  She is the founder of Simple Sacred Life and the co-leader of the Earth Magic for Uncertain Times Retreat.  Visit her Simple Sacred Home website to learn more about her home & real estate related offerings.

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Anjali Budreski

Anjali is a Soul Coach, a Yoga Teacher, and the co-leader of the Earth Magic for Uncertain Times Retreat.  Her next Soul Support Collective program launches in Fall 2020.  Visit her website to learn more about her offerings.

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